put the lime in the coconut (fadedjae) wrote in steeltrap,
put the lime in the coconut

The Word Origin Calendar

verdigris - Vert de Grece, or "green of Greece," is an old-fashioned term for the patina that forms on copper and copper alloys such as brass and bronze, the result of exposure to air. Most metal statuary has a layer of "verdigris" atop it; without it, the Statue of Liberty would be the color of a new penny.

break bread - It is difficult to sustain hostility, it's said, once you've shared a meal with an enemy. The expression "break bread," in this peacemaking sense, comes from the New Testament and refers to the kind of bread that would have been common in the Holy Land - an unleavened load that breaks at the touch, now called matzo.

parish - Originally an administrative district of the early Christian church, a parochia came to have the same rough meaning as a diocese; the word came into English by way of its French spelling. Civil parishes, which layered secular government atop church government, were common in England and France, but they were confined to New England and Louisiana in the United States. Parish government still endures in the latter.
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